019 Commonly Used Tax Forms Used to Prepare the Tax Return

Your Tax Teacher Feedburner ImageIn this week’s episode 19, I discuss the most commonly used tax forms used to prepare the Form 1040 tax return.  I also discuss the tax reform news from Washington and lawsuit against the IRS for licensing tax preparers.  The forms are:

W-2        Wage Income

W-2c      Wage Correction Income

1099-Misc            1099 Miscellaneous Income

1099-B                  1099 Brokerage Income (Sale of Investment)

1099-Div               1099 Dividend

1099-T                   1099 Tuition

1099-C                  1099 Cancellation of Debt

1099-R                  1099 Retirement Income

1099-SSA             1099 Social Security / Medication

1099-Int               1099 Interest Income

1099-S                   1099 Sale of Real Estate

1098                       Mortgage Interest Income

I left off the 1099-G which is the forms used by States to issue refunds or unemployment.  These forms are forms that I have seen from taxpayers when it came time to prepare their tax returns.

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