020 Snow Birds Tax, Sales Taxes, and Form 1099-Misc

Your Tax Teacher Feedburner ImageIn this week’s episode 20, I discuss:

The Federal Return Filing Season Kicks off,

Senate Bill 31 is introduced to permanently ban sales taxes on internet access.  This ban does not include sales taxes for online purchases.

IRS loses it stay on regulating and licensing tax preparers.

In State Taxes news, I discuss:

Tennessee, according to some news articles, is examining economic nexus.  Also, a bill was introduced in Tennessee to delay implementation of the sales tax initiative until 2015.

New withholding tax tables were introduced in 11 states:


In local tax news:

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that 35 taxpayers in Indianapolis were not entitled to refunds for sewer assessments after the City forgave the assessments on the other 145 taxpayers after revaluating the assessment after one year.  The 35 taxpayers had chosen to pay the assessment in full while the 145 other taxpayers were making installment payments.

Minnesota Governor has introduced a snow birds for taxpayers who live in the state less than six months but greater than sixty days.  Florida Governor wrote a letter thanking him for the recommendation that the Minnesota snow would hopefully chose to live in Florida full time.

Also in Minnesota, a bill was introduced to collect sales tax from legal and accounting services.

The Form 1099-Misc was the main topic discussion.  In the episode, I discuss what is on the Form 1099-Misc and where each of the miscellaneous income items reported on the form is reported on the Form 1040.

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