030 The Tennessee Franchise and Excise Tax Return

Your Tax Teacher Podcast2In Episode 30, I discuss:

Federal Tax Update:

Federal Forms and Payments due May 15th are:

Payroll tax payments

Form 990 or Extension

The IRS has come under some heat for having to apologize to conserverative non-profit groups.  The conservative non-profit groups are threatening to sue the IRS.

For this episode, I combined the State and Indepth Discussion to discuss the Tennessee Franchise and excise tax return to answer Paul Singleton’s tax question regarding the Tennessee Franchise and Excise tax return and LLCs.

By taking each page of the form, I discuss each page and schedule and work through the return and how it relates the entity type and Federal tax return.

On the podcast, I briefly mention that I was going to briefly talk about France and the proposed 1% cell phone tax to protects arts and media companies and to help pay for internet and electronic infrastructure.

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