034 Deducting Insurance Premiums for Individuals, Partnerships, and S-Corporations

Your Tax Teacher Podcast2

In episode 34, I discuss:

Federal Taxes:

Briefly discuss the Defense of Marriage Act Supreme Court Decision

Walking away from a rental home mortgage results in a tax gain

You don’t need to property to be able to deduct a capital loss

Temporary Tax on Health Insurance is  deductible as a business expense.

State Taxes:

The North Carolina House and Senate are still taking tax returns.

DC”s combined reporting bill

Nevada’s 2% margin tax 2014 initiative

Main Tax Topic:

Health Insurance

Where on the tax forms is health insurance deducted for individuals, partnerships, and S-Corporations?

What are the rules for deducting health insurance for individuals, partnerships, and S-Corporations?

Can Medicare premiums like insurance premiums be deducted for individuals, partnerships, and S-Corporations?

For more information, the Internal Revenue 2012 Publication 535 can be found here at


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