037 Things people forget to do when to comes to preparing or filing a tax return

Your Tax Teacher Feedburner Image In this week’s episode 37, I discuss from experience things that people don’t or forget to do when it comes to preparing and filing tax returns.

1. Forget the Check to enclose with the Return

2. Forget to mail the return on time

3. Forget to sign the return

4. Didn’t give the all the tax support documents to the accountant

5. Spouse hiding gambling winnings

6. Planned their vacation on the 15 of April and the 15 of October

7. Didn’t think they needed to file a tax return Have a tax question or feedback about this episode, send an email to feedback@yourtaxteacher.com.

Have you forgot to sign a return or left something off the return or something else that I didn’t mention?



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