067 Online Sales Tax Initiative 7 Things to Consider

Your Tax Teacher Podcast6In this week’s episode, I discuss the Marketplace Fairness Tax Act  The act is currently being discussed in Congress.

Seven issues with Online Sales Tax:

  1. Nexus
  2. Compliance
  3. Agreement
  4. What’s taxable and what’s not
  5. Software issues  (Getting Mom and Pop retailers to become compliance.
  6. Where does the sale tax place.  Where is the sale taxable.

The two sides of retailers are:

For – Amazon – Wal-Mart – Big Retailers

Against – Ebay and small online retailers.

  1.  Alternatives to the Marketplace Fairness Tax Act:

Use Tax in which consumers are responsible for  reporting and remitting tax.

In State Tax News – New York is experimenting with tax breaks where businesses team up with colleges to start business in partnership with the colleges.


Foreign Firms using US Toll Manufactures could have sales tax nexus


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