209 Hobby Vs Business

Entrepreneurs usually start their business as a side business in addition to their daytime job as a way to make additional money. Other entrepreneurs just have a business they’ve started. Other entrepreneurs have a full-time business they’ve started. However, they’re not making a profit.

However depending on several factors, the IRS and courts could determine that your business or is a hobby instead of a hobby.

To distinguished the difference between a hobby and a business there are several considerations that factor into whether you a business or a hobby.

Depending on your business and your business structure, business income and expenses are reported on business tax returns. Hobby expenses on the other hand are reported on itemized deduction form Schedule A

1. There must be a profit motivation from your time and effort.

Do you have a profit motivation? Are you trying to make a profit? How much time and effort are you putting into your venture.

2. You must depend on income from the activity.

Do you depend on the income from this activity? Is this the only income activity you have?

3. Loses must be beyond control of the taxpayer or in the startup phase.

When you start a business, there is often legal and other startup fees including loan origination fees which have to be amortized over sixty (60) months? Were there other expenses beyond your control that caused a loss?

4. You change something in the business model to improve profit.

Have you make changes in your business to attempt to make a profit or grow your profit?

5. Do you have the knowledge to have a successful business or you have a mentors or an employee that can help you have a successful business.

Do you have the knowledge in your business to make your business a success and to create a profit? Do you have employees, friends or mentors that you surround yourself with to make your business a success?

6. Have you had a profit in the past from similar business activities.

Did you have a similar business in the past where you made and reported profits?

7. Did you have a profit in any prior years?

With your business, have you ever had a profit? Maybe there is a temporary economic downtown occurring in your business creating losses.

8. Can you expect to have a profit in future years from asset appreciation?

Do you own an asset that is going to increase in value over time that enable you to have a profit in your business?

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