220 Transcripts and Requesting Copies of Tax Returns

For some taxpayers, they will need sometimes need to produce a tax return. But, due to unforeseen circumstances they are unable to find a tax return when it comes to providing documentation for a student loan, mortgage because of a flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or some other disaster.

CPA and other tax preparers will have copies of your tax returns and supporting documentation that was used to prepare the taxpayer’s tax return. But, what happens if your tax preparer retired and can’t be found or you didn’t use a tax preparer.

The IRS provides copies (transcripts) of your tax returns and the supporting documentation. The IRS will send you a copy of your tax return that was filed for a fee. Currently, the fee to receive a copy (not a transcript) of your tax return is $50.

If you don’t want a physical copy of your tax return, the IRS provides transcripts of your tax return and your tax forms that were used to prepare your tax return.

You can receive a transcript of your tax return or tax supporting documents by contacting the IRS at 1-800-908-9946. To request a copy of your transcript by mail by completing and mailing the Form 4506-T (Request for Transcript of Tax Returns).

You can request a transcript online at “https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript

There are several types of tax transcripts.

Tax Return Transcript – Shows line items including your adjusted gross income (AGI) from your tax return (1040, 1040A, 1040-Ez). This transcript doesn’t show any changes that you made from filing an amended return after the original return was filed. Taxpayers can request this transcript for the current tax year and the prior three years.

If you are secondary spouse on the joint return requesting a tax transcript, you must file Form 4506-T. Primary taxpayers listed on the joint return can contact the IRS via phone or by mail.

Tax Account Transcript – Shows return type, marital status, AGI, taxable income, and all the payment types. It shows changes made with an amended tax return after the original tax return was filed. For transcript requests made online, you can receive the current year’s transcript and the prior ten years. For transcripts request made via phone or mail, taxpayers can request the current year and the prior three years.

Record of Account Transcript – Combines the Tax Return Transcript and the Tax Account Transcript. This transcript is available for the current year and the prior three years.

Wage and Income Transcript – Shows the information from information forms (W-2, 1099s, 1098, 5498, etc. This transcript is available for the current year and the previous ten years.

Verification of Non-Filing Letter – The letter provides proof that the IRS has no record of receiving a tax return (Form 1040, 1040A, 1040-Ez) from a taxpayer for the year requested. This letter doesn’t indicated whether the taxpayer should have filed a tax return. This letter is available for the current year and the prior three years.

The form need to request a physical copy of a return is Form 4506 (Request for Copy of Tax Return)

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