Amazon 2014 Sales Tax Starts in Some States

January 1, 2014 ushered in many new laws, but it also saw Amazon charging sales tax in Tennessee and Indiana.  A relative in Indiana posted a message this morning say that Amazon was now charging sales tax in Indiana.  I sent her a message back saying “Gotta love Nexus”.

Here is Tennessee, when Amazon came in and opened two fulfillment centers, they negotiated with the State of Tennessee that they wouldn’t have to charge to sales tax on purchases made by Tennessee resident through Amazon’s website.   However, the public backlash from small businesses and major retailers heated up and Amazon agreed to begin charging sales tax on January 1, 2014.

My relative indicated that Amazon no longer has a price advantage by not charging sales tax.  However, most states if an online retailer didn’t charge sales tax, the consumer (resident) of that State was supposed to report and use tax on their non-taxed purchase.

Use tax is similar to sales tax except the consumer is responsible for reporting and paying sales tax on their purchase instead of the retailer collecting at the time purchase.

Amazon sales tax collections in Tennessee and Indiana have caught many consumers off guard beginning 2014.  What other new tax laws have you seen that have surprised you?

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