April 15th 2014…Final 9 Days

April 15thIt’s the final stretch before April 15th.  Was your taxes easier or harder this year?  There were some extra forms to content with this year.

Have you even thought about your taxes?  If you haven’t, you have nine days to begin to get started.  April 15th always sneaks up on you.  No matter where your tax preparer is at on preparing returns during this final week the tax return either gets prepared or the extension gets file.

However, there are individuals who put their tax documents  in the drawer and they want to forget about them.  So they didn’t file last year and this year they will file but this year turns into next year and next year turns into the next year.  Soon it has been ten years since they’ve filed a tax return.  Only then do they realize that after they get a notice from the IRS that their going to place a tax lien against a bank account, investment account, or property that they realized they need to file.

Then there are people who take their vacations the week of April 15th or October 15th and  you can’t get the return to them for them to sign it.

If you haven’t thought about your taxes for this year, this is the week to begin thinking about it.  April 15th is 9 days away.

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