Seriously…A Bicycle Tax is Proposed

Wanna buy that new $500 bicycle to get in shape. It’s gonna cost you more if you live in the State of Washington if the Democrats have their way. The Democrats in the State of Washington wants to charge a $25 tax on bicycles over $500 to help pay for transportation infrastructure costs in addition to raising the gas tax and vehicle fees.  They want to raise about $10 Billion dollars to pay for their transportation projects.

First, it was the sneaker tax in Illinois to pay for teens to learn how to work and now it’s the bicycle tax in Washington to pay for roads and other transportation projects.  Most of the bicycles over $500 that I have seen are mountain bikes or off-road bikes that are not normally found on highways.

I know several states  have been discussing whether to change the way they pay for roads and transportation infrastructure projects..  Since vehicles are getting better gas mileage, which is what the Federal and State Governments want to decrease our dependence on foreign oil , the gas tax is not bringing in the revenue as expected especially with electric cars.

It will be curious to see which State will next introduce the exercise and running clothes tax to pay for infrastructure and to help people join gyms and exercise programs.  Now that would  be interesting.  What do you think?  Are States going to extremes to bring in additional revenue? Leave me a comment.

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