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1. Changes in income or corrections in income
Perhaps your income changed because a K-1 was amended or a Form 1099-B that was changed by a brokerage firm.

2. Social Security Number was incorrect
Should be easy; but, it happens when a dependent’s or another social security number get entered incorrectly on the tax return.

3. Dependent’s Name
Again, it should be easy; but, if a name on the tax return doen’t match the social security information, the IRS is going to reject the return. Perhaps, the spouse didn’t change the information with the social security office.

4. Change in deductions
Whether it’s a change in income, changes in deductions will be another reason to file an amended tax return. Whether it’s schedule A deductions or adjustments to income on page one of the Form 1040, taxpayers may need to amend their tax return for changes in deductions.

5. Additional Form information
Perhaps after you file your tax return, you receive a 1099-B or a Schedule K-1 form that was not included with the original tax return.

6. Tax Credits
When a taxpayer received additional tax credit (foreign, energy, American Opportunity) information or changes in tax credit, the taxpayer may need to amend their tax return.

7. Electing to go from married filing separately to married filing jointly to get the tax benefits of filing married filing jointly.

8. IRS requests that the taxpayer file an amended tax return after an audit.
Usually this happens when there is a refund from an audit.

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