Deep within the Tax Jungle….Podcamp Nashville 2013 Overview

State MapFrom Deep Within the Tax Jungle…Exploring and Preparing for Taxes in the Digital Age is a session that I will present at Podcamp Nashville 2013 on May 4th at the Hotel Preston.  Most individuals coming to Podcamp Nashville are interested in:

How do you start your internet company?

What products or services should I offer?

How can I make my online presence better?

What is Social Media?

Nowhere in the list above did I mention state taxes.  I have to admit that most people coming to Podcamp Nashville aren’t thinking about state taxes.  Who want to think about taxes after we just made it through April 15th.  We’re here to learn about how to build a social media company and our presence through Twitter or Facebook.

Social Media and having an internet presence are the new age of doing business on the web. In today’s social media environment, not only are we offering our services and products over the internet; but the landscape has changed since the days of mail order catalogues.  To be successful in today’s world, it’s true that we need to have that website presence.  However, what used to be clearly defined when it came your taxable services or products just isn’t clearly defined in the digital age.

In the days of catalogues, we had physical presence regulations to make life easier that clearly defined in which State our products and services were taxable.  States had to live by this physical presence ruling that came out of the Supreme Cout Case of “Quill vs. North Dakota”.  However, today the state tax lines are beginning to become blurred.

While the internet has made consumers and sellers life easier by offering products and services 24 / 7, it has complicated life for the States as more and more transactions are taking place online.  What used to physical presence to determine if you had tax liability in a particular state has been transformed into economic presence as States and localities are attempting to tap into the untaxed revenue of the internet through affiliations, sales tax initiatives, and destination based taxation in order to bring in more revenue from internet sales and services.

I look forward to seeing you at Podcamp Nashville 2013 on May 4th at the Hotel Preston as we all learn how to make our online social media presence better but most important we learn about how the States are beginning to view taxation of our internet services and products from Deep within the Tax Jungle.

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