IRS and the SS-4 (EIN)

Beginning on May 21, 2012, the IRS began limiting the number of Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) that a responsible party could request.  Before May 21, 2012, the an individual or organization could request five new EINs a day.  As of May 21, 2012, an individual or organization can only request one EIN a day.  You can request an EIN online, by fax, or by mail.

Normally, I will download the Form SS-4 to review and fill out the form before submitting the form online, by mail or by fax.  A benefit of submitting the SS-4 form online is that you can get the EIN and the letter after you hit the submit button.  Submitting the form by fax or mail will take several days to get generate the EIN.

The information needed to prepare the SS-4 is:

1. Name of the business

2. Mailing and location address of the business

3.  County and State where the business is located

4.  Name and Tax ID (SSN, EIN, ITIN) of the Responsible Party

5.  Whether the application is for and Limited Liability Company (LLC)

           If Yes, number of members in the LLC

6.  Type of Entity

7.  Reason for applying for and EIN

8. Date the business started

9. Closing month of the fiscal or calendar year

10.  Number of employees expected to be hired.

11.  First date wages were or is expected to be paid

12. Principal business activity

13. Type of business or service

14. Whether you’ve ever applied for an EIN before

15.  Third Party Designee information

After pulling this information, you will just need to sign and date the form.  The Third Party Designee only needs to be completed if you have someone other than the person signing the form submitting the form.

That’s all there is to filling the SS-4 form to get your business started.   Just mail, request online, or fax the form.  A copy of the Form SS-4 can be found at the IRS website or by clicking this link.



“We are required by IRS Circular 230 to inform you that the advice contained herein (including all attachments) was not intended or written to be used for the purpose of avoiding any penalties that may be imposed under Federal tax law and cannot be used by you or any other taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding such penalties.”




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