Kick off to Tax Preparation and Filing Coming Soon

January 30th.  The magical day in 2013.  It is the day that the IRS will begin processing individual.  According to the IRS, they have made the necessary changes and tested their tax system.  While you can electronically file a return now, the IRS is not going to begin processing the returns until January 30th.

During my tax preparation experience, I have found that there are four types of taxpayers.

1. Those taxpayers who file early, need their refund early, or just want to the tax filing process over.

2.  Those taxpayers who wait until the last-minute to file before April 15th.

3.  Those taxpayers who file an extension to file their return in October.

4.  Those taxpayers who never file their returns until they are caught by the IRS.

Usually, the individuals filing their tax returns early do so expecting a refund from a large overpayment that they could have really had use throughout the year.  Some file early just to get it out of they wa.

The taxpayers who wait until the last-minute to file on April 15th, procrastinate until April 15th, but don’t want to extend their tax return.  When they do file their return, they are glad that it is done and can breathe easier for another year.

The taxpayers who wait until the last-minute to file in October postpone their filing as long as they can with the extension.

The taxpayers who never file or hasn’t filed a tax return in a few years don’t believe they will get caught.  However, the taxpayer will get a notice from the IRS indicating that the taxpayer hasn’t filed a tax return.  I have seen where a taxpayer ignores the tax notice.  However, once the IRS places a tax lien against an investment or bank account, the taxpayer suddenly takes notice once the money is gone from their account.  These taxpayers usually seek help in resolving the delinquent tax returns or responding to the notices.

In many cases and it is a State involved, some states will not allow you to appeal a final judgement if you don’t respond to the tax notice before it gets to collections.

So which taxpayer are you?   Do you file early, or wait until the last possible minute to file your tax return?  Do you not file a return at all when you know you should?  Are the tax liens piling up on your desk and you hope it goes away?

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