No More. I’m Using a Tax Preparer This Year

Is this the year that you’ve decided after throwing your arms up in the air that you are going to use a tax preparer?  Are you tired from trying to find out what tax form goes on what line and schedule of the Form 1040 or waiting until the last-minute to begin preparing your tax return?  If so, there are some questions to consider when it comes to chosing a tax preparer.

1.  Do you want to use a tax preparer other than a licensed CPA or Tax Attorney?

2.  What are estimated preparation fees associated in preparing the tax return?

3.  How long does it take the tax preparer to prepare the return after you drop off the support documents?

4.  If you have a question during or after return preparation, is the tax preparer accessible?

5.  What is the tax preparer’s reputation?

6.  Will the tax preparer review the tax return with you and answer questions?

7.    Is the tax preparer qualified?

When it comes to tax preparation, deciding this year not to prepare a tax return yourself is a major decision.  Perhaps it frees you up from preparing the return to do  things you enjoy–like not having to prepare the tax returns return and planning your dream vacation from the refund that you are anticipating.  Have you made the decision not to prepare your tax return yourself this year?

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