The bicycle tax is the 2014 tax…

First it was was the Illinois Sneaker tax, then Washington State proposed a bicycle tax.  Now the City of Chicago is taking a look at the bicycle tax.  Unlike the Washington State $25 tax on certain bicycles at the time of purchase, Chicago is proposing a annual $25 tax on bicycles.

As more an more people look at alternatives to commuting and began riding bicycles and walking, cities and states have begun looking at your everyday activities to determine “How can that be taxed?”.  A couple of years ago, there was a proposal to tax births to offset the carbon emissions.


States and cities similarly tax automobiles by saying it a privilege for  you to drive your vehicle on the street.  Their logic is that it a privilege for you to own a bicycle and you have to renew it every year.  Hence, the City / State gets a steady stream of income.

Would you be favor of the sneaker or bicycle tax?  What about a walking tax?




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