The IRS Releases Thousands of Social Security Numbers

The IRS has been in the news again last week.  They released thousands of social security numbers on 527s on the website

While the records were deleted the following day from, the information was still available to the public.  Unlike South Carolina, whose computer systems were hack and thousands of social security, the Internal Revenue did not correctly scrub the social security numbers of of the Form 990-T.  According to, they found at lease 2,319 social security numbers that were released by the IRS.

At this time, it has not been determined whether the Internal Revenue Service or has notified the individuals and groups that were affected.  

What does they mean for most taxpayers and which taxpayers were affected?  It is only those taxpayers that gave to 527 organizations that are potentially affected.   Monitoring your credit record and history is very important.  Report any unknown activity to your financial institution and the credit reporting agencies.

Do you think it time to move away from using the social security number to file tax returns and reports?



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