Unreimbursed Expenses

Have to buy your own shoes or uniform for work and don’t get reimbursed?  Did you take a business trip or went to a conference where work didn’t reimburse you for the expenses then you may be able to take the deduction on Schedule A under Miscellaneous Deductions.

In order to qualify for Schedule A itemized deductions must be more than the Standard Deduction.  In order to qualified for the Miscellaneous Deduction on Schedule A., your miscellaneous must be more than 2% of you Adjusted Gross Income or AGI.

If you miscellaneous deduction is more than 2% of AGI and you have unreimbursed business expenses on Form 2106.  Examples of unreimbursed business expenses are but are not limited to:



Parking, Auto Expenses, Tolls

Travel (Hotels, Airlines, etc)

Meals & Entertainment (Limited to 50%)

Professional Licenses, Subscription, Etc.


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