Wait…We didn’t mean for you to follow the tax law we enacted

Apple has been in the news lately, simply following the tax laws that Congress enacted .  Congress enacts laws then they seem surprised when individuals and companies follow them.  States have always gave companies states tax incentives.  For example, gun manufacturers have been given tax incentives to relocate from States that have recently enacted tougher gun laws and sin taxes on guns and ammunition.

Take tax incentives on a global scale and companies locate in certain countries that offer the best incentives for them to locate.  As long as the companies keep the profits in the other country and do not bring back the profits to the United States, them the profits are not subject to United States taxation.

Thus the problem.  Companies are paying their fair share of taxes.  Google and Apple are just a few of the companies in the news lately coming under scrutiny for not paying the taxes that politicians think they should be paying.  As politicians search for new tax revenue streams, it seems to be easy to blame companies for the following the tax laws that the politicians enacted.





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